This advanced writing lab focused on business communication, direct to consumer strategies and effective use of web-based communication strategies. 

Corporate Profile
Corporations use simple language and key messages to keep their investors involved. For this assignment students were asked to create a corporate profile based on key messages. 

Proposed Social Media Plan
This exercise allowed students to identify a professional purpose and goal for participating in social media.

In an advanced writing lab, I used design elements to effectively create an inforgraphic about work-life balance in America. The assignment was to design elements that would capture audience attention about the impact of stress on quality of life. Through this assignment, I developed visual language skills and learned emerging trends in digital communication.

The purpose of creating our final presentation was to effectively research and target audiences, using appropriate voice, style and communication channels. 


Strategic Planning and Cases

Public Relations Proactive Plan

This was an in class assignment designed to stimulate a real situation where an agency would hire us to overhaul a program or conduct a campaign. In this scenario, the CDC hired our agency to redo the Get Smart: Know When Antibiotics Work campaign. In a group of six students, over the course of three weeks we put together this public relations plan for the CDC. This includes: executive summary, issue overview, target publics, goals/ objectives, strategies, tactics, implementation, timeline, budget, evaluation plan, limitations and an appendices and references. 

Public Relations Reactive Plan

The mission for this assignment was to research and review a recent public relations crisis. Then we were asked to imagine how could have been handled better. We then created our own public relations strategic response plan.

Case Study Presentations
The goal of this assignment was to find a public relations case and create an informative with a partner. The video analyzes the case and includes our own strategic ideas. We chose to do ours on the case that Ketchum took on in 2009, "Man Lives in IKEA."

Gateway to Media
In this course our class partnered with the City of Eugene Recreation Services to highlight their summer camps, as well as the many other offerings they have for the community. I took this photo at the pottery studio where I was a journalist covering the story of Peggy Thomas. I snapped this photo while listening to Peggy's story about how she got involved with City of Eugene Recreation Services. Soon after it became a poster for an assignment.  


Gateway to Media
In a group project with two other women in my class, we crafted this multimedia piece that I am proud of. The purpose of this assignment was to tell a story that was a small representation of the City of Eugene Parks and Recreation Services. We found Peggy. This is arguably my favorite piece. 

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