"Everyone around me is just doing life so much better than I am." Is this something that you tell yourself as often as I do? In J452 this week, we all agree this is our number one pessimistic thought. However, I'm realizing people aren't “doing life better,” they are using their time better. Time management is about overcoming procrastination and getting real with yourself. This overarching social pressure to constantly do more, be more, have more is more pervasive today than any previous point in history. Thanks to technological advances everyone is plugged in all day everyday. It often leaves people feeling like they can't possibly do it all – so they put it off. 

Here's the scenario – your peers are producing incredible award-winning work and you feel like your work does not equate because you can't give it the time you'd like to give it. What can we do as developing media professionals? Take the time to collaborate and learn from what they're doing. Trust me, this is worth every moment of the time it takes. Find out what you can acquire the knowledge to expand your arsenal of skills. If there is one thing I can get across to whoever has made it past the first sentence of my post it's this: you know better than anyone that your time is incredibly valuable, use it efficiently. 

Look at it this way ­– we are all Disney princesses and princes. All unique in our interests, passions, hobbies and we all innately pick our poison. Some of us are studious and perfectionists like Belle who loves books and intellectual discoveries while others are disorganized bundles of joy like Anna. As a princess, I would likely be the girl buried in books who only gets dolled up when her sister princesses enable her to do so. Although, how many times can a princess turn down happy hour and TV show nights to study because she feels she can't possibly finish it all– there is of course "never enough time." Being the nerdy princess I wonder –  is there an underlying science in our brains that causes this procrastination? I would love to know, because to be a sweet but blunt princess I am tired of devoting my life to my "to-do" list that never ends. 

So the truth is, my fellow royal readers is that procrastination is not a result of one thing. Based on studies done at Brooklyn College, the main cause of procrastination seems to be based on any of the following factors that are a result of our executive brain functions: impulsivity, self-monitoring, planning and organization, activity shifting, task initiation, task monitoring, emotional control, working memory, and general orderliness based on studies done at Brooklyn College. Research in neuropsychology suggests that the process of procrastination is a self-inflicting wound that chips away at the most valuable resource in the world: time. 

Individuals tend to think there is a golden equation for how to use the 24 hours we are all granted each day. For simple proof, if you type the phrase "being more" into Google: The autocomplete function suggests, "being more productive" as the third-most-likely choice. Forbes released an article 24 Ways To Be Uncommonly Productive which describes “satisficing,” an alternative approach to getting things done. It serves as a versatile guide for all types of princesses (people). When people combine “satisfying” with “sufficing” you get “satisficing.” It’s revolves on the concept of time management. Rather than searching for the perfect solution you satisfy the criteria and spend your energy just on what needs to get done. This way individuals have a higher chance of preserving their sanity.

My intention with this blog post ( and all of them) is to deliver you with some sort of knowledge that is relevant to your path towards success. Keep making PRogress!