Why Make Your Partner a Real Partner?


Between schoolwork, class-time, a job, internship, showers, meals, social obligations, and career preparation – life feels occupied at best. One thing I have learned lately is that there is zero tolerance for unnecessary stress. Your time is valuable and so is every person that you talk to. Treat people with respect and honor their willingness to share insight with you. Respect and honor yourself too.

Setting your priorities straight can have a serious calming affect on your life. This involves saying no to too many obligations, and saying yes to the right ones. Recently, the stress of unhealthy relationships have been brought to my attention by friends and peers.

My goal is to keep my blog focused on career development and professional readiness; trust me, this relates. I got inspired to write about choosing "nice guys" or girls for that matter, after reading "Lean In" by Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook. The book discusses women in business and how to be successful as a college graduate. Sandberg mentions the stigma in society that powerful women in business are single, divorced or never married. However, research shows that out of the 28 women who direct Fortune 500 companies, only one had never married. Society is progressing towards innovative outlooks on life, careers and relationships.

Sandberg discusses the set up of Shared Earning/ Shared Parenting style, which is becoming widely popular across the United States. In class this week, Kathryn talked about the percentage of fathers who stay home with their children. According to research of the U.S Census data fathers account for 16 percent of the stay-at-home parent population. 

"Lean In" includes several chapters with titles such as, "The Leadership Ambition Gap: What Would You Do if You Weren't Afraid? and "It's a Jungle Gym, Not a Ladder." Sandberg uses anecdotes from business leaders, such as Marissa Mayer CEO of Yahoo and Kenneth Chenault, CEO of American Express, to highlight the focus of each chapter. The chapter that I am focusing on is titled, "Make Your Partner a Real Partner." Choose a partner that is going to make your life easier, not harder. Seek qualities in others that are mutually beneficial. Learn to #LeanInTogether for equality. This book, published in 2013, has sparked global conversation about gender equality. It is a part of the feminism movement that delivers inspiration for the next generation in the workforce.