Why Create an Infographic?


I am feeling enthusiastic (what’s new) about my latest assignment in J452; creating an infographic. For those of you who don’t know, an infographic is a way to visualy present complex information.

The assignment was to use design elements that would capture audience attention about the about work-life balance in America. Through this assignment, I developed visual language skills and learned emerging trends in digital communication. This advanced writing lab has pushed me beyond all comfort zones and really forced me to enter the realm of creativity.

This has easily been the most reflective piece I have done in a while. My creative process is in no way or form linear. My first draft looks nothing like my current draft. In fact, each new draft resembles about five hours of new ideas layered over the previous. What makes it so enjoyable is the topic I’ve chosen. I am passionate about finding balance in my life. My weeks of research helped me and hopefully you as well, knowledge that serves as a reference point for finding a work life balance.

I find it incredible how many hours individuals dedicate to work and how little they spend on themselves. Of course, as a student the majority of my time goes to school and studying leaving little time for self care or caring for others (which I promise you, I would love to be doing). I figured this is something I will out-grow once I am out of the chaotic college scene, right? I’m not as hopeful as I learn that work is the number one stress in the U.S. Furthermore, according to 83 percent of workers said they don’t feel balanced while only 17 percent said they do feel balanced.

There must be a way to balance life, what ever happened to those men and women we look up to and admire because they seem to“ have it all.” Is that even a real thing?

Research indicates, that no that whole idea of perfection is sort of a made up if you haven’t figured that out already. One of the most memorable articles I read when creating the infographic was one from the Huffington Post. The article states that reported that eight in 10 employed Americans are stressed out by at least one thing about their jobs. And stress has more of an impact on our lives than people think. According to the American Psychological Association, half of all millenials say their stress keeps them awake at night and nearly 70 percent of doctor’s visits are correlated to stress. 

This is a serious issue, Americans need to stop paying with their health. Check out my infographic for helpful ways to stress less! 

- Olivia