Graduating? Rest Assured.


What makes college graduation from seem so scary? For most of us students it's the unknown realm of where you will be next. As humans we are creatures of habit and tend to thrive in circumstances when our needs are fully met. Take Maslow's hierarchy of needs that we all learned in Psychology 101. Humans need  psychological needs to be met then transcending upward in less importance, safety, belongingness and love, esteem needs and then self actualization. Although as students our lives our stressful to the point where we are so broke we have sleep for dinner sometimes, we have a basic routine that meets these needs. The unknown is scary territory, trust me I feel that too.  I've found the best thing to do is to start preparing for life after college now by doing adequate research of " the real world."  Read on to discover reasons why landing a job out of college may not be as difficult as you think. 

According to the Beura of Labor Statistics, Millenials are now the the largest generation in the U.S. workforce as of 2015 and the trend will continue as the chart below projects. Yet, it seems that businesses have the hardest time hiring members of generation Y. Fragmented businesses are spreading across the nation- countless jobs are unfilled while millennial struggle to begin their career. So what is it that is not lining up? 


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The National Center for Educational Statistics tells us that in fall 2015, roughly 20.2 million students attended American colleges and universities. This resulted in an increase of about 4.9 million since fall 2000. What a significant jump in the active participants of higher education! Hopefully this means that our co-workers are trained to be motivated and hard-working. 

My peers at the University of Oregon have helped me learn how to work with others over a long duration of time. Here is a shot of my management team after 11 weeks of collaboration and hard work. We met for lunch after our final presentation. They called me the "mom" of the group because I kept everyone disciplined and accountable to ensure we got our work done. It's moments like these that I worry I will be guilty of overworking. Thankfully my college education has taught me not only how to work hard to get the results desired but also to enjoy the journey's often unexpected path. In a group this means tons of communication and being flexible. 


According to Bentley University, the Preparedness Study they conducted is one of the most comprehensive surveys done on preparedness for the workforce. Apparently, 37 percent of college graduates give themselves a “C” on their level of readiness for the professional world. So what are the essential ways that millennials can better prepare for today’s workforce?
Here are tips towards professional success. 

Here are ways to prepare and ease stress about life after college: 

  • Find how your potential employee defines preparedness
    Talk with a variety of professionals and find out what they consider and look for when they are hiring. 
  • Show your loyalty
    According to this study half of business professionals and over half of millenials agree that millenials are perceived as dispensable. Show that you care about your future and your career and that you want to stay more than the typical ( 2 year tenure).
  • Adapt to other generations in the office: 
    Many non-millenials find it difficult to manage millenials and that they lack respect for others(51%). As a future employee of the workforce do yourselves and others a favor by conforming to the workplace to create a more collaborative environment.