A Young Professionals Guide to Dressing Appropriately.

Students, are you looking to land a job after graduation? A glance in the mirror may be the most important thing you do. As a college student I am repeatedly being told to dress for success. What does that mean though? While reading 10 commandments of dressing for work and How to Dress for Success I learned there is no universal dress code set in stone, because it varies depending on your professional field.  However, if such a panel were to exist, there’s reasons to believe it would include the following:


1.     Stay on the cautious side.

Concerned that your attire may be too relaxed even for a “casual Friday.” Listen to your intuition here. You won’t feel professional if you don’t look the part so keep it classy, button up ladies.


2.     Notice the trends around you and stay current.

It’s so wonderful that you are taking care of those trendy boots from the last decade. Now it’s time to put them in a consignment bag and let them go for good. A part of being professional means presenting fresh ideas, right? How can you deliver freshness when you’re wearing stale clothing? Try to avoid looking outdated.



3.     Modesty is not old fashion it is essential.

Future employees of the workforce, I encourage you to get noticed for your hard work not your tight pants. I imagine the only thing worse than feeling like you’re wearing something too revealing is when your boss feels that way too and comments.


You may have found yourself thinking: 1. Is this neckline too low? 2. Did I remember to wear closed-toed shoes? 3. Did I choose the right fabric, or is it too clingy? 4. Would I choose to hire me based on my appearance today? These are all valid questions to ask prior to entering any sort of professional environment. It all boils down to how you want to present yourself.

So what is the reason why we're influenced to dress professionally? If you you look like a professional you will be treated as one.


- Olivia