Introduction Story


Back when I was a little girl, before I had a clue what I was going to be when I grew up, I always wanted to make people around me happy. I still do. I would narrate the most elaborate stories based on true events I’d experienced to make people laugh. As I grew up I figured I needed a career that aligned with my interest to make people happy and my passion of storytelling.

I landed at the University of Oregon in the field of public relations, which aligns my interests in the most conventional way. I am enrolled in an Advanced Public Relations Communication course and as part of the coursework, I am assigned to begin a blog to use as a public relations tool. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time anyways so I’m thankful to finally have the push to do it (applause).

I am entering the blogosphere to communicate with aspiring PR professionals, like myself, to share tips and experience ultimately to succeed in all career ventures. Based on my entire upbringing with academic writing and now four years of journalistic writing, I’m a confident writer for the most part. However, blogging is a scary territory. I cannot conceal that I am a 20 something enthusiastic, socially graceful millennial girl that is driven by the inspiration to succeed in life. However, I am also a young PR professional with eager readiness to learn more than definitions from a textbook. This blog will focus on the intersection of both aspects of personal and professional life and how to make them cohesive. It is dedicated to the strong and passionate PR professionals who live for the field and its advancements over time. 

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- Olivia